Savvy tips for your trade show exhibit budget

Here's how to keep your budget in control and maybe even save money on your trade show space.
	Space cost: According to trade show experts at, the cost of exhibit space will consume about 25 to 35 percent of your budget. When apportioning the necessary space, carefully evaluate the number and composition of your attendees. Also, contact the event organizers about their cost per square foot. If they offer early registration, take it. You'll save money.
	Professional designers: Check out some professional exhibit designers in the area. In the long run, a savvy designer could save you money with plans that can reconfigure space, require fewer materials, and pack more efficiently.
	Confirm shipping cutoff dates with the event manager. If you stay true to the shipping dates, you won't incur extra fees for late shipping. 
Drayage is the cost of the event's professionals who transport your exhibit from the warehouse to the booth space you've reserved. Their rates are usually based on weight. As a result, using such lightweight materials as fabric graphics can save you still more money.
	Check installation and dismantle costs: Installation and dismantle teams (I&D)) set up your exhibit before the trade show and take it down afterward. Although smaller presentations may not require I&D, the more elaborate displays often do. This can be expensive.
	Get your designer involved with setup and teardown: Build an exhibit that meets your goals while streamlining setup and teardown time. 
	Calculate return on investment: The Transportation and Marketing Sales Association offers numerous methods of calculating ROI. However, you can get a quick estimate of ROI by dividing the overall cost of the trade show by the number of quality leads it generated.

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