How to lure visitors to your trade show booth

In the trade show business, it’s all about bang – but with minimal traffic to your booth, all you’ll hear will be the whispers. Here, for future planning, are a few practical ways to lure folks to your location on the trade-show floor.

According to, use visual, audio, and written incentives on social media that typically attract people to stores, shopping centers, and auto dealers, among others. Also, be sure to promote the number of your booth every way possible. Invite current customers to a Happy Hour on opening day. Not only does it give them a good reason to stop by, but their presence also makes your booth look like it’s the place to be. Seize attention with the ever-present senses of smell, hearing, and touch. They increase your chances of separating your booth from the crowd.

In the morning, many wandering the exhibit hall are still awakening from the night before. Fill the air around your booth with the aroma of hot coffee and welcome your visitors with a large styrofoam cup of premium java.

A hanging digital sign is one of 2019’s most talked about trade show trends. The motion and light of a digital sign above a booth catches the eye and lures attendees to investigate further.

Provide a demo station for visitors to use your software, handle products you’re promoting, or try out your newest technology for themselves. They’ll leave with an experience that’s more than just pretty graphics in your trade show booth.
The website also recommends Geo Marketing, a tool that specifies the convention site and your message to those in attendance or soon to come. Such targeted, personal messaging is useful in driving traffic to your location.

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