Take care on social media

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg once said: Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.
	That's helpful for dispensing good advice on dog health. But quite the opposite on employment matters.
	Suppose a social media post hints of proprietary company information or even criticizes the company.
	If even some people trust that post, that's bad public relations for the company and it is bad for the person who posted it. 
	Not only can an employer find those comments, future employers can, too. Badmouthing an employer on social media is a black mark on a resume that will likely stick.
	Even if you use separate accounts for business and private purposes, you never know who may be watching your social media accounts. Social networks are a sort of public space -- your billboard to the world -- and there are always people who can discover and share something inappropriate that you posted. That includes your remarks about your company, its plans, clients, bosses, and your fellow employees.
	According to Fundera.com, always think before you post, and don't post any sensitive comments that you haven't proofread carefully. Also, keep business and personal social media posts separate.
	Never post party photos showing you inebriated or attending an event when you're supposed to be sick at home, among others.
	Never connect your personal sites to professional business sites like LinkedIn.

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