Local marketing: Voice search; Google business listings

Voice search is on the rise.
	Maybe it's because big fingers on tiny keyboards are clumsy. Or maybe just because it is so easy and becoming fairly accurate.
	But whatever the reason, voice search now accounts for 46 percent of all local business searches, according to the marketing expert Bernadette Coleman.
	Businesses should be voice-ready today to snag not just young searchers, but also older ones on all voice-enabled devices from phones to voice assistants such as Alexa.
	"Near me" searches are up 900 percent since 2015. People want something close and they want something now.
	All voice searches refer to Web pages and Google My Business listings.
	Local marketers must be absolutely sure their Google listings are correct with address and phone number.
	Be sure your Google ads use natural language, not complicated industry or business terms.
	Use an FAQ page filled with natural language for common questions and answers.
	Be direct in your ads and websites.

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