The Power Of Business Storytelling

Storytelling in business is just like doing so in a motion picture, television series, a Broadway theater, books, newspapers, magazines and on the Internet.
	Everybody loves a good story.
Stories connect people with people, businesses, brands, products, needs, and dreams. Few enterprises succeed without this connection.
	According to, storytelling has become a top-of-mind issue in recent times because technology has "democratized" the power to share our stories with the world.
	In ancient times, people used stories to communicate, learn, and connect. 
	When people think of a business, they want to learn more about it, why to trust it, why to believe what they hear. They need to know why they should care.
	From the evolution of a product to marketing it, from culture to talent, storytelling is omnipresent. Few people are convinced by cold facts and figures today. 
	Stories carry meaning and lots of it.
Too often, according to, a business focuses on the product or idea instead of the people behind it. Stories answer those questions.
	To attract and retain the best talent, a business needs a good story to tell.
	Simplicity is functional, but business development requires more than a question-and-answer approach. Your strategy--your story--must be personalized to make your potential customer care.
	For a branding campaign, tell the story of your struggle, how you faced it, and how you succeeded with your product(s) or service(s).
	Keep your story consistent through advertising, marketing, social media, print and electronic media, website, public relations--and most importantly, your employees.
	When you've got a good story, tell it.

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