Scope creep: It can destroy a project from within

What is scope creep?
	It's the threat of a project exceeding the control of its manager.
	Any major project must be clearly defined, documented, and confined to specifications. If the manager is not in control, the original vision of a project can expand beyond its initial goals, boundaries, budget, and possibly destroy itself in the process.
	Scope creep begins with the subtle addition of new designs without approval for increases in time, costs, and resources. It is no secret that facing scope creep is a daunting challenge.
	To defy scope creep, the project team must have all the research and information necessary to produce the desired product on time and within budget. Not surprisingly, less than a third of completed projects meet these basic expectations.
	According to, the guidelines for controlling the scope of a project are:
	Submit the project overview to the project drivers for their review and comments. Develop a detailed order list for reference throughout the project. Provide general descriptions of the functionality of deliverables to be outlined during the project.
	Change approved deliverables into actual work requirements. Divide the project into major and minor milestones. Complete a reasonable project schedule for approval by the project drivers.
	Assign resources, then use the PERT (project evaluation review technique) to determine the work breakdown and critical path to project conclusion. Since this plan will change during the course of the project, evaluate it carefully.
	Finally, prepare for the inevitable arrival of scope creep. Quickly introduce order forms for approval. Educate project drivers on the most effective methods of combating scope creep.
	With these steps in mind, the alert project manager can control the project instead of the project seizing the reins from its manager.

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